Huntington Volunteer Fire Company Number 1
1 Maple Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865-3936
Telephone (908) 454-9121
 Station 75 Memorial



Here's to fire fighters all!
Always at your beck and call!
Vigilant and unafraid...
Volunteer or city-paid!

Scientific men are these
Fighting fire-a dread disease-
Challenging a flaming hell
At the ringing of a bell!

Unknown heroes, clad in blue,
They give up their lives for you!
Pray for them as they go past...
Every ride may be their last.

* Past Chiefs * * Past Presidents *

Harry Anthony John Harrison  John Reich
Edward Alessio * Charles Hennion *  Robert Renner
Frank Apgar, Jr. Al Hillyer Americo Romagnoli
Sante J. Argentati Joseph C. Hoadley, Jr. Walter J. Rush
Andrew Arvensen John Holodnak John W. Rush
Frank Au William Howie Leon Shepard
Carl BaxterJohn Jakubowsky, Jr.Joseph Sheridan
* Arnold Bird * * Frederick Judson * * Anthony Sisonick, Jr. *
Alfred C. Butler Andrew Kalnas Anthony Sisonick, Sr.
John J. Caffery, Sr. Earl Kinney John Sisonick
Edward Carberry * Gabriel Kober * Nicholas Sisonick
John N. Carlotz * Robert Leepa * William Sluss
** James Cavanaugh ** Alfred Long Ernie Smith
Isaac Crouse * Francis Lyons, Sr. * William A. Solt
John Curzi Frank Marazi Chester Souders
* James Deacon * Jildo Marcantoni LLoyd Souders, Sr.
Lester Dennis Roland Massie Norman Speilberg
Peter Dennis ** Fred W. McCorkell, Jr. ** * Lester E. Stocker *
Stephen Durst Joseph McFadden Lambert Struthers
* H. Thomas Emery  * Richard Milburn George Summit, Jr.
David Evans Reno Minardi George Summit, Sr.
Charles Flexer Harold Moore Pete Thornton
Gregory Freer Marion Moore Robert Torquati
John Freer, Sr. Edwin Morgan Paul Trauger, Jr.
* William Freer, Sr. * Timothy O'Hea Chris Trembler
Wilmont Fritts Frank Parr  Joseph A. Vangeli, Sr.
Bruce Gaghan Jack D. Paulus Albert Weaver
Donald Galloway Fred Piazza Stewart Willever, Jr.
William T. Gies William Phillips Stewart Willever, Sr.
Joseph Gotthard * John Purdy, Jr. *
W. Edward Zarbatany, Jr. 
Clarence Pyatt

* Past Chiefs * * Past Presidents *

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