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 Ladies Auxiliary



The Huntington Volunteer Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary has served our local firefighters with dedication since approximately 1946. The goal of the Auxiliary, ultimately, is to continue supporting the volunteer firefighters who strive to maintain a safe and friendly community. The Auxiliary invites you to share in our enthusiasm with fund raisers and social gatherings as we greet the New Year. Active and Associate members are needed. The key to the Auxiliary's success is involvement in helping to support one of our township's most important volunteer organizations - Our Volunteer Fire Company. A special thank you goes to all of the Auxiliary members of past years and we look forward to seeing you again! We welcome you to an exciting and fun year with auxiliary events.

   Ladies Auxiliary Officer's
 Title  Name
 President  Stacey Cupon
 Vice President  Jessica Baumann
 Secretary  Tammy Kist
 Treasurer  Sabrina Lemiska
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Myrna Pursell
 Trustee  Pat Hawk
 Trustee  Heather Shimchook
 Trustee  Debbie Freeman

 Ladies Auxiliary Members
 Cheryl Albarran
 Jessica Baumann
 Stacey Cupon
 Sandy Ekis
 Bonnie Fatzinger
 Sue Ferdinand
 Lori Fleming
 Debbie Freeman
 Tara Grogg
 Pat Hawk
 Tammy Kist
 Sabrina Lemiska
 Denise Molignano
 Brittany Nigro
 Jill Purdy
 Jackie Pursell
 Myrna Pursell
 Paige Pursell
 Heather Shimchook
 Jessica Sucigan

Gail Martin - March 18, 2010
Carol Freer - September 5, 2010
Marian Harrison - July 1, 2011
Bea McCorkell - October 22, 2011
Bertha Jean Hoadley - November 5, 2011
M. Joan Fleming - January 28, 2012
Lorraine E. "Bubbles" Alesio - August 5, 2012
Elizabeth "Betty"Cavanaugh - June 17, 2016
Mabel M. Smith - January 8, 2017

 Donation from Ladies Auxiliary at the 2011 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2011 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2012 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2013 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2014 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2015 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2016 Banquet (pic)

 Auxiliary Members attending the 2017 Banquet (pic)

Active members meet monthly at meetings and participate in coordinating activities. Associate members are encouraged to attend meetings and may be called upon to help host Auxiliary events. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at Station #1, Maple Ave., at 7:00 PM. Thank you for your support

Membership dues are $5.00 per year.

Please contact  Sabrina Lemiska - 1 Maple Ave. - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

for additional information on joining

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